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Bespoke software development services from Seismic Technology Limited
A major UK retail chain changed the systems in every one of its 1500+ stores. The entire infrastructure was updated in each one. This included the network, back office systems and all tills.

The new systems took many months to roll out. Bespoke software was needed that allowed old systems and new to talk to the retailer's corporate systems using exactly the same interface.

Seismic Technology supplied staff to carry out the following specific tasks for this project ...

Project Team Leader

Team leading the development of branch middleware services to provide transparent maintenance of the new branch systems from corporate AS/400s.

This included distribution and management of tasks within the products involved to successfully hit extremely tight deadlines. Also included specification and testing of a multi language interface for writing of the middleware audit trail.

Middleware Documentation

Preparation and updating of functional specifications for the branch middleware services provided.

Ongoing Maintenance

The new systems evolved in many areas between the integration phase and November 2001. All additional branch middleware development required to keep the system glued together was undertaken.
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