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Bespoke software development services from Seismic Technology Limited
We have experience with the following disciplines, development systems and environments ...

Project Management and Team Leadership

Our staff have managed over 20 commercial software projects using industry standard project management software, and have provided team leaders for large blue chip developments.

This means that we know what the words deadline and budget mean, and have no problem working to either!

Traditional / Rapid Application Development projects on Win32 based systems

We have worked in C, Microsoft C++.NET, Microsoft C++ with MFC, Borland C++ with OWL, Visual Basic and Delphi on a wide range of projects

Database development

We have worked with SQL Server, MS Access, Paradox and MySQL databases.  This includes access via SQL, and using lower level APIs (such as IDAPI)

Web design and development

We have worked with HTML, DHTML (using CSS / Javascript), ASP, PHP/MySQL and CGI/Perl.  We have worked on Windows (using IIS) and Linux (using Apache) based web servers

Embedded Systems

We have worked with various embedded systems using assembly language for 808x, 680x0, Z80 and Philips 8031/8051 systems.  Most of this work took advantage of the Cross-16 Meta Assembler.

Xcellenet Remoteware Scripts

We have some experience of developing remoteware scripts for polling and software release.

Custom APIs we have worked with

  • NSB COALITION 4 FileIO library
  • NSB COALITION 5 Business Objects
  • Lotus VIM
  • ASCI Network C Library(for Novell access)
  • Borland Database Engine(IDAPI)
  • Retail-J XML Interface
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