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Bespoke software development services from Seismic Technology Limited
After carrying out the development of a major retail middleware suite, staff from Seismic Technology Limited were required to assist in putting together a Gold Build process to allow thousands of PCs to be commissioned.

All PCs needed ...

1. An Operating System installed
2. A standard product set installed
3. Personalising ready to go into the appropriate store

We were involved with the following aspects of this project ...

Initial Development

We were involved in the specification and development of MS-DOS and NT based tools to assist with this project. Functionality of these tools included hardware recognition, writing Windows INI files from MS-DOS, wrapping of executables and writing to multiple NT Workstations in Server context.

Data Supply

We helped to build software required to personalise each system accurately. This allowed data acquired from corporate systems to be checked and modified by implementation staff.

Commissioning Staff Support

We were also involved in assisting commissioning centre staff with day to day technical and data problems experienced with the Gold Build.
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